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On the previous point, I said this is not for everyone… and it’s not. I have met many people who are “big thinkers” looking for the “big score”. They believe that if only they could only come up with the next big idea… now that would really be the ticket to their happiness. Well, rarely does that happen. Yes, there are some that hit it big and our society celebrates them. This celebration carries through the media and into your household. You watch and say “man, if only I could come up with an idea like that!”. Then you go off to work… That’s the wrong way to think! While you are off to work, there are many entrepreneurs out there making a living. The main differences between them and you is freedom and excitement. Freedom to set their own hours. Freedom to make the decisions that will directly affect their income. Freedom to make their dreams come true. Talk about exciting! What could be more exciting than creating your own wealth! The excitement is new every day… When were you last exciting about going to work? Entrepreneurs feel it constantly. You have met some of these entrepreneurs. They are owners of every small business that you deal with. I have had many people say to me over the years “boy do I envy you! I wish I had the nerve to start my own business..”.  Don’t be a big thinker, be a doer. Entrepreneurs think big, but with a purpose. To do it! Entrepreneurs stay focused on the prize. They find the opportunity and then they do what is necessary to make it work for them.

Getting off the fence…

It is very hard for most to do. People love security, and this is kind of scary! Right?? Not really… I believe most people believe the scary myth because of fear. Fear of the unknown, and fear of what their peers may think. Trust me, your friends & family are happy to keep you right where you are. They don’t want to envy you! As for the unknown… make it known! Knowledge is key. If you would ask me or most other successful entrepreneurs, we feel MUCH more secure than ever before. You may ask “Because now you have money?” No, because of knowledge. You see, when you’ve learned the “secrets” of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you feel very secure because you know that you can create income at any time. There are no successful entrepreneurs that would have a problem using their knowledge again if needed. So, the key is knowledge, and that is why Employed 24 /7 exists. What about YOUR entrepreneurial spirit? So, let’s consider this small example of your everyday life. Suppose you approach 2 gas stations and you need gas. One station has just lowered the price of gas by 25 cents a gallon less than the other station. Which do you choose? Silly question huh? Think about it… You just came across an opportunity and capitalized on that opportunity. You will learn that opportunities surround you. It will be up to you to act on these opportunities or not. Maybe you feel you are behind a fence. Over time, you will learn many reasons of how and why you will want to try to jump your fence! Have patience… learn, and please remember… YOU CAN DO THIS!

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you? You bet you do!

On to the next point… let’s talk possibilities!

Possibilities Possibilities