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“Where do I start?” I hear this question all the time. I have been “on my own” for over 30 years. It has been over 3 decades since I succumbed to my entrepreneurial spirit, and I love it! Please don’t misunderstand… it’s not for everyone, but I believe anyone can help their situation if they truly have the desire to succeed. I have learned much over the years and am willing to share it. I am a Christian. I am convinced that it has been through prayer and guidance that I have been able to accomplish what I have. One of things that always impresses me is that many people are set on the way they think about things. We are creatures of habit and live by the habits we learn. You have learned many things in your life and practice them everyday. For instance, you know that when you need to rise at a certain time, you set an alarm clock. You know that a shower is needed, you know you need to eat breakfast or you will be hungry before lunch time. You know your car needs gas to pull it out of the driveway and you know a job is needed to satisfy all the needs you have. “You have to eat breakfast!” you may be saying, and for the most part, you’re right. After all, sometimes people skip breakfast. But how about your car? Maybe you can take a bike. Now how about the job… Now that’s a different story. There are many ways to provide an income. All of these things are said for one reason. To get you to realize that you operate in your life because of the habits you have formed. We are going to look at ways to change your habits. Do you think you want to start? Do it right now! No, don’t quit your day job (if you have one), let’s just get your thinking on track. Today, I would like you to try to determine what your true passions are. I would suggest that you write them down. Truly search your heart to find out what those passions are. Don’t be concerned if you are “good” at something or not. Write it down. We’ll discuss later about being “good” at something. We’re looking for your true passions, not the fleeting thoughts that you’ve had. Your true passions are those things that you like to do when you are on your “off” time. Think about it… these are the things that you spend your life enjoying. Today, just to get started, write a list! Over time, you will begin to see how important this list will be to you. Don’t worry about the size of your list. It doesn’t matter, we will deal with that later. The main thing is to get started. It is easy… write a passions list! If you pay close attention here at Employed 24/7, you will learn to think outside the box. Listen! Your opportunity is calling!

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