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Now let’s discuss websites… or more accurately, why you need one. It’s really very simple. You will develop income streams that you will need to put out where people can find them. Years ago, most entrepreneurs had to develop their streams of income locally, in their own area. I clearly remember the process of securing a business location and applying for a vendors license. We would then invest in a sign and advertising. Then we would wait and hope! Would my local area support me? Would I be able to make a profit? And the expense of the attempt! Commercial rent, permits, utilities and all of that dreaded advertising. Hundreds of dollars in phone book advertising every month. This is not the case anymore! Now with the Internet, you can have those opportunity ideas and literally reach out to the world with them. Maybe you will be producing a product, or maybe selling a concept through an ebook, a website can be your outlet.

 With your own website it is possible to have an open “store” available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your “store” will be operating while you are eating out, vacationing and even while you sleep. Your website can facilitate all of your income opportunity trials and may create opportunities of its own. There are people out there looking for the ideas that you will come up with! Now for the best part… Creating and running websites is VERY economical! You may have heard that website development is hard and very costly… This is exactly what those who sell websites want you to believe! We will discuss the details of what it takes to run your own websites. You WILL be shocked how easy and economical the process is. You will actually be able to create websites for others and profit from it. Remember, knowledge is key… Website development is very intimidating to many people. Take your blinders off, open your eyes and get started. In the next section, we will try to make it a very simple and basic process to get you online. Please remember… A website is your game changer! You will see that it is a must for any entrepreneur. The big “secret” is that websites are NOT expensive, and VERY easy to make. Sure, there is a learning curve to undertake, but that is the case with anything that is new to you. Try baking a cake without instruction of how it’s done! With your own website, you open tons of opportunities. After you have learned the how-to of website creation, your head will spin with possibilities.

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